Mission and Motto

Mission Statement

Established in 2006, Kaiyo Academy is a revolutionary school that has evolved while implementing a wide array of educational methods. We are a certified boarding school that encourages the independent growth of our students and aims for academic success based on a world-famous success model of leadership training. At the core of our boarding school are 12 independent Houses where House Masters and Floor Masters set an example for the students and share their own experiences, whether they be successes or failures, thus serving as real-life case studies.

The students who reside in the Houses come from all corners of Japan and each have their own backgrounds, principles, characters, and talents. We fully understand and respect those differences and are fostering an environment where diversity is valued. We hope that students will on occasion challenge each other while maintaining a friendly rivalry, augment an individuality based on an assured self-identity, and develop a generous nature willing to accept each other’s differences.

In the classroom, students are taught ways of studying and approaching the subjects on the curriculum, as well as the nature of knowledge itself, by committed and passionate teachers drawing on a wealth of specialist knowledge. As a driving force behind students’ education, we constantly aim to stimulate their inquisitiveness and continuously impart the joys of learning. Until the time they graduate, we ensure that students discover the academic disciplines and fields of study required for their own success, and motivate them to acquire a spirit of self-learning that will continue to grow throughout their lives.

Modern society is evolving with the development of AI, and knowledge and skills required to succeed are evolving and changing at an unprecedented speed. Indeed, one could say that this is an era in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to survive and maintain success. However, we educate our students to succeed by thriving on challenges and seeing change as an opportunity rather than a hurdle to be overcome. Advances in technology have shortened the time differences with other countries, and we ensure that our students have the character, education, and leadership qualities required to survive in a global society with shrinking or "virtually" disappearing national boundaries.

More over, we educate our students to not only aim for success, but also to contribute to or give something back to society and make Japan a better country, and to spare no efforts in trying to make the earth a better planet to live by being sensitive to environmental changes.

Lastly, we understand that to enrich one’s life, we must focus not only on social and economic success, but also on lifetime bonds with others in which we accept and trust each other and share the vicissitudes of our lives. Against the backdrop of a beautiful location facing Mikawa Bay, we hope that the students you live closely with in the six years at our boarding school will become your best friends for life.

*Floor Master: This refers to about 20 young, outstanding members of society dispatched to Kaiyo Academy from some of Japan’s most influential and prestigious companies from all sectors. Floor Masters live side-by-side with the students, and mentor them on all aspects of everyday life. They closely observe each and every one of the students, and facilitate communication in the House by raising topics on everyday behavior and activities. Drawing on their experiences as older brothers or role models for our students. They do their utmost to provide counselling on a wide variety of issues including study methods, taking exams, student life, human relations, and planning their future paths after graduation. The Floor Master system is the only one of its kind in Japan and perhaps in the world.

Our History and Tradition

Kaiyo Academy is a very rare school in Japan in that it was established by about 80 Japanese companies led by Toyota Motors, Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai), and Chubu Electric Power, who collectively donated a sum of 20 billion yen. It was established to educate Japanese leaders of the future, and is modelled on Eton College of the United Kingdom.

Ours is a newly-established school with a short history, but it is a school established by private companies, so rationality and innovativeness have become key characteristics since its establishment.